From beginners to B1

From beginners to B1

Ele usal Alicante Gognasmann

About this course


Get the Spanish level you need to study in an Hispanic University

Ele Usal Alicante in collaboration with Gognasmann S.L. have created a special program aimed at young Indians and Asians who have never studied Spanish and want to attain the proficiency in the language.


The program begins in India, and consists of 75 hours of online Spanish.

Subsequently, the student will attend the course at Alicante, Spain. By the end of the first year the student will be expected to attain an A2 level. During the second year you should reach level B1.

Schedule Spanis courses



Mondays to Fridays: from 9 am to 13.30 pm

Start date: January, April, July and October




Detalles del curso


Hours: 20 per week (in Alicante)

Styudents in each group; minimum 4; maximum 9

Levels: beginners

Sessións: 50 minutos

Duration of program: 3 mounths in India (on line) and 2 years in Alicante (Spain)

Precios cursos español en España


+34 961 810 036 / +34 633 833 855


Programa incluye




  • 75 hours of Spanish online (before traveling to Spain)
  • Letter of invitation to apply for a student visa
  • All teaching material (books, etc)
  • 24 months of presential Spanish course in Alicante
  • Enrollment fees for the official DELE A2 exam
  • Certificate from the Spanish Schools of the University of Salamanca

Description of the program

The student begins the program with an online course that will allow him to attain basic Spanish knowledge to make himself understood in Spain.

The two years of classroom class in Spain are divided into four modules:

  • First six months to attain level A1
  • Second semester to attain level A2
  • Second year to prepare for the official DELE A2 exam and move towards level B1
  • During the last quarter the student will be able to choose some specialization: business Spanish, tourism, access to the University… and more…

During the student’s stay in Alicante the student will share his / her training with colleagues from the same program


All our courses have a functional communicative approach. The objective is always to expand and improve the mastery and competence of Spanish in its grammatical and lexical aspects.

We use a large gambit of language learning skills: oral, written, reading and listening. We support ourselves with conversation sessions between students and teachers that animate the debate and keep the process interactive and lively.

Regarding the material used in class, we will use both video and audio lessons, cards, real texts, social networks and new technologies, which will be adapted to the age, characteristics and needs of the students.


Culture and traditions

Culture and traditions

Our courses transmit to the student knowledge about Spanish culture, history and traditions. We thus intend to help them understand the country and its people.

Our programs would include the subjects of geography, politics, history and values that explain the Spanish character, background and culture.

In addition, our students participate in extracurricular activities that reinforce this knowledge of Spanish culture and traditions: visits to the city, museums, cooking courses, excursions to Elche, Tabarca, Altea and much more…