Where study Spanish in Spain?

Alicante is a nice city to improve your Spanish. It’s more than one thousand all. Also it’s perfect to know the Spanish and Mediterranean culture.

Cozy. Alicante is a medium-sized city. Within an area of ​​a few blocks, right at the beach, you can find the shopping area, things to do for day and night, the beach, Barrio de Santa Cruz and our School … This manageable size enables our students, even the youngest ones, to easily move around the city without using any public transport within a short period of time.


Safe. There are about two million tourists coming to Alicante every year, walking peacefully through the streets at any time of the day. The whole city gets out of its way to meet your needs.


Dynamic. The climate is perfect for going out, taking a walk and relaxing on the terrace of the bars. From our experience, we know that our students really appreciate such intense outdoor life.


Fun. You’ll never get tired of the fun, culture and sports activities that this city can offer.


Cultured. Alicante is ¨very Spanish and very Mediterranean¨, a perfect combination to have better understanding of Southern Europe.


Easy to arrive. The Altet airport in Alicante is the fifth largest in Spain with direct flights to almost all the capitals in Europe. There’s also a highway and high-speed train to Madrid.

Enjoy Alicante during your Spanish course

Leisure and cultural activities

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Where study Spanish in Spain?… Of course, in Alicante