Official exams DELE and CCSE

Official exams DELE and CCSE

Exámenes nacionalidad

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DELE & CCSE exams


DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles certifying degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

On the other hand, the CCSE exam, also known as the nationality exam, is the official exam from the Spanish Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge. It is necessary to pass this exam in order to acquire Spanish nationality.

In order to acquire Spanish nationality, residents in Spain who are not from a Spanish-speaking country have to pass at least level A2 in DELE Exam.


ELE USAL Alicante is the authorized DELE and CCSE examination center.

If you would like to take the exam, make an appointment with us and we can help you enroll in one or both exams without additional cost. Or come to ELE USAL Alicante any Tuesday from 12:30 to 17:00 (not on July either Agost)

Próximas convocatorias (2020):

DELE July, 10th July, 31th September, 11th
CCSE June, 11th June, 25th July, 10th July, 31

Remember, during health alert you’ll must come with gloves and mask

About the CCSE exam (nationality)

1. The Cervantes Institute makes available the exam syllabus. Remember that the test will consist of 25 test questions (all of them removed from the syllabus), of which you will have to answer 15 correctly. You will have 45 minutes to take the exam. In 2019, 97% of the candidates surpassed it.

2. To access the syllabus of the Instituto Cervantes, click here


About the DELE exam

1. It consists of four tests: reading, listening, writing and oral. The first three will be take during the morning of the exam day together with the rest of the candidates. To take the oral test, you will be summoned that same day in the afternoon, or sometime the day before or after the exam. In fact, ELE USAL ALICANTE will send you a week before the exam day a notification with the time and address in which you will have to take the four tests.

2. There are six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2; level A1 is the simplest one, and C2 is the most advanced. Level A2 is required to obtain Spanish nationality if you are a resident and Spanish is not your mother tongue; therefore, to obtain nationality, Spanish-American persons do not have to take the DELE exam.

3. ELE USAL ALICANTE organizes courses to prepare this exam with practical cases. Therefore they will serve to familiarize you with the type of exam; (more information about these courses)


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