Intensive Spanish course

Intensive Spanish course

Intensivo de español

About this course


Improve your Spanish in Alicante with the University of Salamanca

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Super intensive Spanish course. From 9 am to 13 pm (20 hours)

Intensive Spanish Course. Modays to Fridays  from 9 am to 12 pm (15 hours)

Date: all weeks




Detalles del curso


Hours: fifteen or twenty a week

Class size, 4 minimum and 9 maximum

Levels: A1-C2

One lesson: 50 minutes

Course duration: minimum one week

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1 week :

Intensive (15 hours week)     170 €

Super intensive (20 hours week) 190 €


2 weeks

Intensive (15 hours week)     330 €

Super intensive (20 hours week) 360 €


3 or more weeks

Intensive (15 hours week ) 155 € / semana

Super intensive (20 hours week) 170 € / semana

Inscripton included.



  • 15 % former students
  • 10% au pair
  • 20%  ELE teachers


All our courses have a functional communicative approach. The objective is always to expand and improve the mastery and competence of Spanish in its grammatical and lexical aspects.

We use a large gambit of language learning skills: oral, written, reading and listening. We support ourselves with conversation sessions between students and teachers that animate the debate and keep the process interactive and lively.

Regarding the material used in class, we will use both video and audio lessons, cards, real texts, social networks and new technologies, which will be adapted to the age, characteristics and needs of the students.



Our courses transmit to the student knowledge about Spanish culture, history and traditions. We thus intend to help them understand the country and its people.

Our programs would include the subjects of geography, politics, history and values that explain the Spanish character, background and culture.

In addition, our students participate in extracurricular activities that reinforce this knowledge of Spanish culture and traditions: visits to the city, museums, cooking courses, excursions to Elche, Tabarca, Altea and much more…